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Hiya! I'm Jess

In short, I make stuff, I teach stuff and I talk about brain stuff. 

I'm based in London and Brighton in the UK, but no trip is too long if there's something fun at the end of it. Drawing and making playful, colourful imagery is what drives me. I've always loved animation and illustration, watching things like The Moomins and Busy Town avidly as a kid...and occasionally as an adult. 

I've worked as a concept artist, creating assets and game art for companies like Lego and the BBC. I'm an experienced creative with a hell of a lot of imagination, ready and waiting to throw this at any projects flicked towards me. 

In 2016, I entered the teaching profession with the aim to make art and design inclusive on all levels. Having faced challenges in my life, creativity has been a constant and reliable source of communication. I've been given the privilege of being able to express myself creatively, and I want to equip others with the skills and tools to do just that. Now, I am working to create accessible educational content, looking to support and help those pursuing art and design both recreationally and professionally. 

I can talk a lot, so I'll stop myself here, but if anything I've said here has piqued your interest, drop me a message on my contact page - it would be great to meet you! 

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